At UMAGE, our aim is to minimise the packaging waste. Therefore, we have devised a new packaging concept repurposing the packaging to be used as beautiful storage boxes afterwards, without any branding. With most of our lighting items, you'll get a storage box for the shelf along with the purchase of your new lamp.

How it works: When your new product is out of the box, you can keep the box and reuse it as a storage box for your small bits and bobs and place it on the shelf or the top of your closet - repurposing the packaging for you and the environment.

We are replacing all foam and plastic in our packaging with eco-friendly materials to minimise the plastic waste when purchasing an UMAGE design. So our designs are not only flat-packed to optimise the global logistics and the environmental footprint, but we also make sure that you don't need to throw away tons of packaging material that can just as well be reused for something new.

This is being implemented continuously from January 2020.