We are dedicated to being sensible frontrunners on the environmental responsibility. If we provide timeless, lasting and functional quality designs, we know nature will prevail, as will UMAGE.


We acknowledge that selling furniture and lighting can never be 100% sustainable, but we want to make an extra effort for the environment. We have made a collaboration with the NGOs One Tree Planted, so every time one of our designs made from wood is sold, we are planting a tree.

Furthermore, every time you buy one of our polypropylene lampshades from our website, we are donating 5% of the product value to the NGO Plastic Change, supporting the World ocean clean-up and minimising plastic pollution.


We always choose quality materials to ensure prolonged lifecycles of our designs, so you can lead a sustainable lifestyle with care for the environment


As the times change, the designs can change accordingly. Two years have passed, and suddenly you want leather on your dining chairs instead of velour, then simply interchange the velour with leather in a few minutes.

Same thing with our lounge chairs, cabinets, and other responsible designs. This means that you can add new life to the design and your interior without having to buy an entirely new furniture piece, saving the world resources.


Why have a table lamp or a side table and not include a USB or wireless charger as well? Why not make room for storage where the space is vacant anyway? UMAGE not only answers these questions but make it happen.

One of the ley aspects of the furniture and lighting designs at UMAGE is multiple functions and flexibility. Designing with more than one function in mind is a sustainable mindset as it reduces the number of products you need to buy to get a complete setting for your space.


To minimise the packaging waste, we have devised a new packaging concept repurposing the packaging to be used as beautiful storage boxes afterwards, without any branding.

We are replacing all foam and plastic in our packaging with eco-friendly materials to minimise the plastic waste when purchasing an UMAGE design. This is being implemented continuously from January 2020.


All designs can be separated into key elements for recycling, and worn parts can be replaced, to extend the life of the designs.