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Eos Evia Lampshade

The name Eos originates from Greek mythology, the goddess of the dawn, referencing how the lampshade looks like clouds in the sky. Evia is available... 
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"Evia is the name of my oldest daughter and the lampshade draws its force and mesmerizing beauty from the earthy tones of the Nordic landscape"

Technical Details

Assembly time

5 min Assembly video


Evia mini Ø: 12 H: 10.2 in
Evia medium Ø: 16 H: 15.2 in
Evia large Ø: 21.6 H: 21.2 in


Evia mini: 1.5 lb
Evia medium: 2.6 lb
Evia large: 4.9 lb


Mini: Approx. 1500 goose feathers, textile and steel
Medium: Approx. 2340 goose feathers, textile and steel
Large: Approx. 4500 goose feathers, textile and steel

Technical drawing of Eos Evia | Lampshade

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