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Komorebi Lampshade Circle

The Komorebi collection consists of multiple lampshades made from wooden lamellas and textile. The combination of wooden details and textile helps ground the home and... 
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“Komorebi draws inspiration from early-morning walks in the forest, where rays of sun beam through the trees.”

Technical Details

Assembly time

5 min


Mini: Ø: 11.6 H: 10.2 in
Medium: Ø: 11.6 H: 10.2 in
Large: Ø: 17.6 H: 10.2 in


Mini: 1.7 lb
Medium: 2.1 lb
Large: 3.5 lb


Solid oak and polyester

Additional Information

Pendant and table lampshade
Compatible with E26 / E27 - max 15W LED (not included)

Technical drawing of Komorebi | Lampshade Circle

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